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PUMP x AirAsia Rewards: The most PUMPED-up rewards program!

Updated: May 30

All new, revamped, PUMP x AirAsia Rewards program. Tailored to reward you MORE for FREE for staying in shape with #PUMP, Tune Protect's digital health and fitness tracker!

Visual of a phone with the AirAsia Points Page in PUMP, a digital health tracker housed in the Tune Protect App
AirAsia Points Feature in PUMP (Tune Protect App)

Fuel your lifestyle with AirAsia points when you use PUMP! We make staying healthy and fit REWARDING! How might you ask? Introducing AirAsia points for PUMP! Rise through the ranks of the PUMP Rise Game to get AirAsia points that can be redeemed through the AirAsia Move App!

What is PUMP?

PUMP is a digital fitness tracker within the Tune Protect App. What's so amazing about PUMP?

✅ PUMP is FREE to use! Just download the Tune Protect App & click on the PUMP banner to get started!

✅ Get rewarded BIG by using PUMP through AirAsia Rewards, e-vouchers & more!

✅ We promote a holistic approach to healthy lifestyle, no gimmicks or fake shortcuts.

✅ Tight knit community, join the family!

What can I get with AirAsia Points?

That's the good part! We let YOU decide what you want to get! Use PUMP, earn AirAsia Points, and send them over to your AirAsia Move account through the PUMP Rewards section and reward yourself with the massive catalog AirAsia Move has to offer.

PSSST....! You might also be able to fund your next holiday with AirAsia Points! No gatekeeping here at PUMP. 🤫

🎟️ How to earn AirAsia Points

Download the Tune Protect App, sign up for PUMP & stay active. That's it! It's that simple. We aren't joking.

As your phone tracks your physical activity, PUMP tracks it too, and rewards you with PUMP points for your healthy habits. As you rise up the ranks of our PUMP Rise game by earning PUMP Points, you also earn AirAsia Points for every rank up! We aren't lying when we say healthy habits are rewarding.

How do I claim my AirAsia Points in PUMP? 1. Click on "View Details" on the Tune Protect Homepage to open PUMP.

2. Click on "Play" at the bottom navigation bar in PUMP.

3. Click on the "PUMP Rise Game" Box.

4. Click on the "My Rewards" Tab in the PUMP Rise Game Page.

5. Click on "Claim AirAsia Points" & insert your AirAsia Member ID.

✅ You are done! Congratulations!

Wait no more! Download PUMP & Earn AirAsia Points and much MORE today for FREE!

Terms & Conditions Apply.


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