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So Early Arh?!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

(Campaign has ended on 30 June 2023)

Get RM150 e-Wallet when you renew your car insurance just 30 days before your policy expiry date. What if it's already less than 30 days? You'll still get a reward with RM50 e-Wallet.

*Applicable for the minimum premium payable of RM800 and above & those who purchase or renew from Tune Protect's website / app

That’s not all. If you have been a very safe driver and earned NCD of 55% we will reward you with extra bonus of RM20 on top of your eligible rewards. Soo don’t wait.. start saving with Tune Protect today.. andd… Be Early Arh!! Promo ends 30 June 2023


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