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Fact or Fantasy? Unveiling Health MythBusters

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

These days there are a gazillion questions out there about the latest myth, the hottest new workout, and everything in between. But with so many answers floating around, how can you know what's true and what's false? In this article, we’re giving you many real life myths and questions for these topics so you can have fun while learning! So find a comfy chair and let's get started, shall we?

Did you wonder #1

Q: If you close your nose when you sneeze, will your eyes pop out?

If we look at the anatomy of our nose, it makes sense that if something is closing off a main exit, it will cause major problems elsewhere. Since our mouth and nose are so close together, maybe there's some truth to this rumour?

Oh, no need to worry, my friend! Your eyes are safe and sound, snug in their cosy sockets, even if you decide to close your nose during a sneeze. The idea that your eyes might pop out is just a playful tale that has no basis in reality.

You see, when you sneeze, it's like a burst of energy rushing out of your nose, but it's not an explosion that launches your eyes into the sky. Closing your nose during a sneeze simply redirects the sneeze's force to stay inside your nose and mouth, not towards your eyes.

Did you wonder #2

Q: Does wearing contact lenses improve your eyesight over time?

When you pop in those contact lenses, it's like giving your eyes a VIP pass to a world of clear, high-definition vision. They provide precise and personalised vision correction, helping you see things with remarkable clarity.

Hey buddy! It’s important to remember that contact lenses are not like secret eye trainers that make your eyes stronger. Just like how a cool costume won't make you a real superhero, wearing contact lenses won't enhance your eyesight over time. They're simply there to lend a helping hand and give your eyes the vision boost they need.

So, keep rocking those contact lenses and enjoy the superpower of clear vision they provide. But remember, for long-term eye health and optimal vision, it's a good idea to have regular check-ups with your eye care professional. They're the true eye guardian who can ensure your eyes stay in tip-top shape and keep your vision as sharp as ever!

Did you wonder #3

Q: Can I replace my gym membership with a daily dance party in my living room?

Yes, you can! Say goodbye to the gym and hello to the ultimate dance party in your living room! Get ready to shake, and slide your way to fitness while having a ton of fun.

Dancing isn't just exercise. It's a thrilling adventure that gets your whole body grooving. Each step you take is like a burst of energy, working your heart, muscles, and flexibility. It's a total-body workout that leaves you feeling fabulous and energised. Plus, you're in charge of the playlist, so you can boogie to your favourite tunes and unleash your inner dance superstar!

The best part? No more boring routines or sweaty gym equipment. With your living room as your fitness playground, you can dance like nobody's watching, or invite friends to join your sensational dance crew. It's a party that happens daily, where you can let loose, burn calories, and sculpt your body while smiling, laughing, and embracing the sheer joy of movement.

Did you wonder #4

Q: Can eating a lot of fruit cause diabetes?

Not at all, my fruity friend! Eating lots of fruit won't magically turn you into a diabetic. In fact, fruits are bursting with natural goodness and can be part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Think of fruits as little vitamin supplier, ready to provide you with a host of nutrients that keep your body strong and healthy. Their natural sugars are different from the added sugars you find in processed foods and sodas. Fruits also come with fibre, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps your digestion in top-notch shape.

So, fear not the fruits! They're here to nourish you, satisfy your sweet tooth, and bring a rainbow of flavours to your plate. Embrace the juicy, delightful power of fruits as your loyal companions on the journey towards a vibrant and healthy life!

Did you wonder #5

Q: Why can't your hand grow back?

Well, the sad truth is that humans aren't quite like magical lizards who can regrow their limbs at will. As much as we'd love to have the superpower of hand regeneration, our bodies just didn't get the memo on that one.

You see, our bodies are incredible machines, but they have their limits. When it comes to regrowing a hand, it's a bit more complicated than sprouting a new flower from a seed. Our cells and tissues have a specific structure and purpose, and once something is gone, like a hand, it's pretty much gone for good.

Remember, just because we can't grow back a hand doesn't mean we're any less amazing. Our bodies are capable of incredible feats, even without the power of regeneration. So let's celebrate our uniqueness and appreciate the modern science that help us overcome any challenges we may face.


And there you have it, folks! We've reached the end of our health-Q&A adventure. But don't fret, because the journey to a healthier you is just the beginning!

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Stay healthy, stay protected, and keep embracing the superhero within you. Until next time, fellow adventurers, go forth and live your healthiest, happiest lives!


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