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Quick and Easy: How to Buy Car Insurance in Malaysia in Just 3 Minutes

Protect you beloved car with easily with comprehensive yet simple Motor Insurance by Tune Protect
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Motor Insurance is THAT easy?? - Tune Protect Motor Easy has got YOU!

Motor insurance can be so complicated at times. However, with Tune Protect Motor Easy, we put the EASY in Motor Insurance! Whether you are looking to get an affordable quote for your new or used car, view your policy benefits & details or to renew your motor insurance, Tune Protect has got you covered from A to Z, and we make it EASY for you, 100% Online - all at your fingertips.

What's so good about Tune Protect Motor Easy?

Have we mentioned that it is soooo EASY to buy & renew? But what else is so good about Tune Protect Motor Easy? Check it out below or click on the image to learn more!

Image of Motor Easy's benefits, and redirect to quote page

Here at Tune Protect, we aim to always reward our loyal customers, as we are CUSTOMER OBSESSED! How might you ask?

✅ We offer an INSTANT 10% discount on your quote on top of your NCD!

✅ Our Motor Bundle is a STEAL! Great major benefits for an affordable price!

✅ Close to INSTANT renewal process! Takes only 3 MINUTES to renew your car insurance online.

✅ 20% cashback on your premium when you drive LESS!

✅ Ton of rewarding campaigns to reward you for buying Motor Easy!

Why choose Tune Protect?

We are changing the game in insurance, advocating for simplicity and convenience, all at your fingertips on our digital platform.

Affordable, comprehensive, convenient.

That's the name of Tune Protect's game! Get your quote TODAY!

Tune Protect's key features. We are SIMPLE!


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