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📢 Tune Express is now applicable for claims amounting to RM5,000

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Attention to all Tune Protect Motor Easy Online Customers!, here's a piece of good news to you👀🎉✨

From 22 June 2023 onwards, we are introducing the new and enhanced Tune Express Claim! Where your claim will be approved within an incredible 2 hours only🤩🤩🔥!

Tune Protect Express claim for car insurance terms

At Tune Protect, we are customer obsessed and are committed to providing best service for our customer. In pursuit of this, we took the initiative to make claim processes easier, quicker and more convenient for customers by introducing ✨ Tune Express Claim

This initiative comes in line with our commitment to provide better services to our customer with the 3-3-3 promise of which translates to: 3 Minutes to Buy, 3 Hours Response Time and 3 Days Claims payout.

Last year Tune Express claim was available for claims on estimated repair costs for up to RM 3,000 only however, this year we have improved and revised the claim amount to be up to RM 5,000!

This express claim is exclusively applicable for self-accidents of private car owners with comprehensive motor insurance. You can read more on the terms and conditions at the Motor Users Guide available on our website.

🎈If you are interested to checkout our Tune Protect Motor Easy Online, please visit: 🎈

Make the most of this swift and hassle-free claims process with Tune Express Claim. Experience the ease of securing your claims like never before! At Tune Protect, we're always here to serve you better. Drive with confidence and let us take care of the rest!

Happy Driving!🚗


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