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WIN up to 20,000 AirAsia Points for FREE: PUMP Rise to Gold Challenge

Updated: May 30

At PUMP, we reward you for being healthy. This time, we do it better.

The Rise to Gold Challenge, unveiling our AMAZING new rewards system, the AirAsia Rewards Program!

What is the PUMP Rise to Gold Challenge?

The PUMP Rise to Gold Challenge is a campaign to launch our brand-new collaboration with AirAsia to reward you BETTER! PUMP is a digital fitness tracker powered by Tune Protect.

Win up to 20,000 AirAsia Points by RISING up the leaderboard of the PUMP Rise Game & by joining the Rise to Gold challenges! A minimum of 5,000 PUMP Rise Points by the end of the campaign period can WIN you some fantastic AirAsia Points!

Click here for more further information on the PUMP Rise to Gold Challenge.

How to join the PUMP Rise to Gold Challenge: 1. Download the Tune Protect App on the App Store or Google Play Store

2. Register for an account on the Tune Protect App & click on the "View Details" at the PUMP Banner

3. Fill in your details and enroll for PUMP.

4. Fill in challenge code "RISEUP" (Case Sensitive)

5. Get active (walking, exercise, etc.) & RISE up the PUMP Rise Leaderboard & earn up to 20,000 AirAsia Points!


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