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Win GOLD when you renew car insurance!

Tune Protect brings you the Golden Raya Rizz✨ where you could drive off with RM 2,000 worth GOLD!!🤩💰 Scroll down to read more!

renew car insurance online with Tune protect and get RM 2,000 gold voucher

How To Join?

Just renew your car insurance ONLINE with a minimum of RM500 via Tune Protect website or app & Stand A Chance to Win RM 2,000 worth of Habib Jewel Gold Voucher or be among the lucky 50 winners to win RM50 Petrol Vouchers.

Quick, renew your car insurance now to win 😉👍

Scroll down to see more how your car could be better protected with Motor Easy Bundle Deal

Promotion Ends 30 April 2024


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