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Guaranteed Bonus Reward for Car Insurance!🚗

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We have some excitinggg news for you! Is your car insurance expiring soon? Well don’t miss the chance to receive a hefty reward when you renew with Tune Protect!

Cheapest best car insurance with guaranteed reward RM 300

Back once again due to high demand!

The car insurance campaign that rewards you for every renewal!

The Epic Year End Guaranteed Bonus is here to make your wallet fat again, even after renewing car insurance. Yeah it’s the time of the year, you have many more things that you want to spend on rather than car insurance. We feel you! So here is a cashback reward like no other.

Premium Amount

e-Wallet Reward

RM 1,500

RM 300

RM 1,000 - RM 1,499

RM 100

So, let’s say you renew two of your cars with premium of RM 1,500 each then you will be getting RM 600 as a reward! Woahhh!! Click for quote👇

Tune Protect-More Rewards, More Savings


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